Meet Your Designer

My love for design started as a young girl in St. Louis, MO, rearranging the layout in our living room to make the space more functional and cohesive. I strived to have our home feel the most comfortable and cozy, making it so we never wanted to leave. Today, my clients will tell you they have this exact sentiment! It absolutely warms my heart to curate a space for my clients they love, the minute they step into the room. While I have maintained a career in the trucking and logistics industry over the years, my passion for interior design remained constant. I previously worked for a home staging company here in Virginia, which inspired my enthusiasm to launch my own Interior Design business.

With the urge to feel at peace in my own home during the pandemic, I redecorated most of my home and shared the final reveals to family and friends. With encouraging words from my husband and close friends, I decided to take a major leap of faith and launch TLC Interior Designs. I specialize in mostly residential spaces and pride myself on bringing tender, love, and care with style to each space designed; curating a unique experience for every client. Contact us today to see how we can bring some TLC to your space!